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Willow Catnip Kicker

Willow Catnip Kicker

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*NEW DESIGN* Irresistible catnip kicker toy guaranteed to make your cats go meow!

Made in a strong 100% cotton fabric printed with Willow's adorable little face (British blue Shorthair). She is the face of the brand after all.

  • This toy promotes your cat to exercise, breaks boredom and can help with behavioural issues. 
  • One of a kind designed fabric
  • 100% cotton fabric making it durable to your cats claws and teeth while being biodegradable too
  • Full to the brim with hollow fibre filling
  • Filled fresh to order with catnip to provide that all important potency.
  • Added Marabou feathers for sensation.
  • Approx 15cm in length + feathers.

If your cat loves catnip, then this is the toy for them!  

*Although these toys are made with strong cotton fabric please note they are not indestructible and should therefore be used under supervision!*

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