Our Why

There are a few smaller reasons as to why we started this company. One of them being as a cat parent myself I got fed up of the lack of options readily available in stores for cats so thought I need to fill that space in the market and why not make it pretty and durable all at the same time. Another being that I have always wanted to work with or for and help animals so for me this really is a dream come true.

But most importantly, our main WHY is....


My little old lady Willow was the main reason why I started Willow’s Wonders, she inspired me every single day with her strong fighting spirit and ability to overcome even the hardest of challenges. And a little kitty like that deserves her own legacy!

She had a bit of a rough start before joining me & She arrived very sick and vets said I would be lucky to have her a week. But against all odds she came out on top and even being left with lung damage didn’t stop her living the life she deserved from 12 years old with me.

She inspired me to start this business in 2020 in her honour, to help other cats live their best lives too through the art of play and the main goal all along was to leave her a legacy. This business truly is all heart. She is my WHY. Why I started this company & and why I continue.

She gained her wings July 2021 aged 16 but she will always be the face and heart of this company. If you have one of our toys, you have a little piece of Willow in your home.