Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are based in the UK and ship worldwide. So no kitty is left out. Just select the relevant option at checkout. All information can be found here

My cat doesn’t respond to catnip, what makes you different?

All our catnip toys are filled fresh to order to help provide the best potency possible and to make your cats more likely to go MEOW with joy. Bare in mind though kittens under 6 months don’t tend to respond to catnip and catnip can also have the opposite effect on adult cats and soothe them.

Are you eco-friendly?

Short answer is yes, we do all we can to help reduce our carbon pawprint and it doesn’t just stop at the toys. When making them all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use to help save energy, all waste is kept to a minimum and disposed of correctly. When it comes to our toys; we use recycled hollowfibre made from plastic bottles and can be re-recycled, wood sticks on our wands, and all our packaging is plastic free & recyclable and we urge you to dispose of it accordingly. 

Why should I buy your toys?

Our toys are all lovingly made and guaranteed to provide your cats with hours of fun. As well as being pretty to look at, they promote your cats to exercise therefore helping prolong a healthier life and also help to burn off some of that unwanted energy so you can sleep better at night. We even have some interactive wand toys so while they use those natural hunting skills you get a morale boost as you play along with them. We have such a wide range for every cat, see for yourself! Made by a cat lady, for cat ladies so I know from personal experience what your cats love. Find out more about us here