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A special place for all your cat toy needs, be it to promote exercise, increase interaction & engagement, boredom breaking and more. Made with unique fabrics to fit your aesthetic and because of the fabric choices; all toys are durable to the power of your feisty felines claws and teeth making them a must have for a happy cat. We also have a wide range of sensory’s for whatever your kitties heart desires. 

There is something for every cat here

Cat Toys that are out of this world

Our brand new Jasper Collection is now available! Inspired by my boy & the Red Jasper stone, Celestial is the vibe that your cats won’t be able to resist

  • Exclusive fabrics

    By shopping small we sourced some unique high quality cotton fabrics not usually seen in cat products. We also bring you glow in the dark cat toys alongside some commissioned artwork to make exclusive fabrics just for our toys. See our Willow & Ivy fabrics? They will never be seen anywhere else!

  • Sensory joy

    Something for every cat. From Feathers, Ribbons, Bells, Crinkle and Potent Catnip! We have options for every cat and fulfill all their sensory desires.

  • Eco Friendly

    Join us in reducing our carbon pawprint. We have a zero plastic policy when it comes to our packaging and all wand toys are made with wood handles, with vegan felt and recycled filling and 100% cotton fabric. We keep all waste to a minimum and encourage you to recycle all our packaging once your cat is done playing with it of course.

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